How to Relax While Speaking in Public

How to Relax While Speaking in Public

When someone joins Targeted Focus Inc, we immediately begin teaching them many professional skills. One of the most important of these – and perhaps one of the most challenging – is public speaking. Anyone who is a polished public speaker gains instant credibility with his or her listeners, because public speaking is the fastest way to be viewed as a subject matter expert. Also, it’s because so many people find the idea of speaking in public daunting.

So as we begin to discuss this topic, we start by helping brand ambassadors address their anxiety. To do this, we first point out that being nervous isn’t all bad. For one thing, nervous energy produces adrenaline, which helps us think clearly and can be used to convey enthusiasm. Also, people only tend to get nervous when they care about an outcome, so anxiety before giving a speech is simply our bodies letting us know that we want to do what we’re doing well.

Then, we do what we can to address the specific reasons people feel the jitters before a presentation. For example, one of the most common concerns is making a mistake. To deal with this, our team members are taught not to strive for perfection at all. Instead, it’s our Targeted Focus Inc goal to be authentic speakers. In striving for authenticity, we become much more relatable to our audiences.

Public speaking is an important topic that we spend a lot of time on with our new people and our veterans as well. To learn more of our presentation tips, follow Targeted Focus Inc on Facebook.