PRESS RELEASE: Targeted Focus Inc Travel Provides Development for Top Producers
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PRESS RELEASE: Targeted Focus Inc Travel Provides Development for Top Producers

WESTERVILLE, OH – Qualifying Targeted Focus Inc team members went to a networking and leadership conference designed to help professionals achieve their personal and professional goals. The firm’s CEO also discussed how travel inspires growth.

Developing head-turning interactive marketing campaigns starts with training, and Targeted Focus Inc leaders have created a learning academy that gives all their people the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in this or any other industry. Travel is a part of the firm’s learning approach, according to Michael B., CEO, because it provides the chance to meet with other top producers from across North America and share best practices that encourage professional growth.

The latest of these trips took select team members to Dallas, Texas for a networking conference. Brand ambassadors who attended got hands-on training in the latest on-site advertising techniques, and a chance to meet with others in the business. Elise, one of Targeted Focus Inc’s campaign managers, received a special mention for being chosen to attend. Her consistency and commitment to training are an example for the rest of the team, and Michael was happy to invest company resources in her growth (since she’s so willing to invest her own time and energy into her career as well).

How Travel Supports Targeted Focus Inc Training

Targeted Focus Inc leaders have always relied on quality onboarding techniques and superior training methods to ensure the continued success of their firm. “Our hiring managers pride themselves in finding career-oriented people whose values and goals align with the company’s,” stated Michael. “Experience and education are certainly factors, but what we really look for are those with a positive mind-set, good communication skills, and a desire to succeed. We teach the rest.”

The comprehensive training system to which Michael referred ensures that promotional specialists receive all the knowledge they need. Business travel is only one of the many tactics used to give team members access to as much information as possible. Sometimes these trips are short jaunts to a neighboring city for some cross-training, while occasionally Targeted Focus Inc high achievers find themselves flying to an exotic locale for a weekend of relaxation and recognition. “No matter where we travel though, it’s always a way to foster the development of our team members,” Michael stated. “Our focus on personal and professional growth has helped us achieve remarkable success in a relatively short period of time, and I know it will catapult us into a bright future.”

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Targeted Focus is a respected leader in on-site product promotions. The team’s innovative approach to connecting with customers ensures lasting impact for brands. They don’t just sell – they build relationships based on value and trust. This provides the businesses they represent with a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. The team’s passion is bolstered by immersive training to ensure professional delivery in everything they do. Each associate has what it takes to promote brands and maximize results. Their hard work and dedication are what make them so effective. Learn more by visiting them at