Targeted Focus Delivers On-Site Solutions That Wow

Targeted Focus knows branding

We’ll handle it so you can focus on product development. We pinpoint the best avenues to reach the most lucrative markets.

We aim our messages at the people most likely to buy your product.

Our on-site events are located where they shop and play. We’re in the market quickly, getting your brand the attention it deserves. Before long, word of your genius will spread.

How many people will we help you reach?

During an average 12-day campaign, we’re visible to over 1,000 people each day, with likely 20,000 potential buyers. Our campaigns are optimized to make business growth easy and fast.

How Targeted Focus Changes Outreach

Targeted Focus represents brands, from emerging enterprises to Fortune 500 firms. Our customizable model is designed around three success factors:


The key to lasting brand relationships is igniting buyers’ excitement for products. Our personable approach means we listen to your customer, which allows us to adjust to their needs. We increase their satisfaction by enhancing their product experience.


Our method jumpstarts sales quickly. We create and deploy your campaign in a matter of weeks. This ensures maximum sales and stable price points.


With our strategy, your ROI is guaranteed. We lower the cost of failure by optimizing possibilities using real-time feedback throughout our on-site presence. This method has consistently proven to be more effective than conventional advertising.

When you partner with Targeted Focus, you’re guaranteed to meet your sales goals. We’ll move you forward with expert brand representation and customer service that outpaces the competition.

Our team-based culture promotes clear communication and camaraderie.

See how we harness talent.