No Matter Your Personality Type, These Tips Will Work

No Matter Your Personality Type, These Tips Will Work

Networking is a vital professional skill that we teach as part of our Targeted Focus Inc training program. One thing we’ve noticed when working with our brand ambassadors is that certain personality types seem much more comfortable with the idea of meeting new people than others, and are more inclined to see contacting in a positive light.

There’s no reason for introverts to avoid networking though. In fact, we’ve found a few Targeted Focus Inc strategies that work especially well for less outgoing people, but are useful for anyone interested in growing their contact list.

For instance, before heading out to make connections, have responses prepared for a few ubiquitous questions, like, “What do you do?” and, “What are you working on?” Studies show that we only have a few seconds in which to make a good impression with this answer, and for introverts that’s especially good news – clear, concise, one-sentence answers are exactly what are expected.

Also, if we have the option, we like to familiarize ourselves with the venue and schedule of events for a networking get-together. The fewer surprises, the better, so planning out the travel route in advance helps us arrive on time and in good spirits. We might explore the location before anyone gets there, so we can scope out the good spots to hang out in, and if there are going to be speakers we learn more about them (so we have something to discuss with other networkers later).

Introverted or not, these tips will help you in your efforts to build a professional network. For more networking strategies, friend Targeted Focus Inc on Facebook.