Make the Most of Mentorship With These Suggestions

Make the Most of Mentorship With These Suggestions

Mentorship is one of the pillars of professional success – at least, that’s what we assert at Targeted Focus Inc HQ. We encourage our brand ambassadors to seek out mentors early in their careers, and we provide these guidelines for them to follow so that they get the most out of these relationships:

• Listen to the People Around You: When seeking a potential advisor, we suggest keeping an open mind. The person most qualified to help you reach the next step or two in your career is just as likely to be nearby as they are to be some inaccessible business guru. One of the most important characteristics of a mentor/mentee relationship is rapport, after all, so someone relatable will at least know how to share information in a way that you can easily understand.

• Make Your Interest in Learning Obvious: By this, we mean that when a mentor gives advice, take it. We’ve heard stories of people asking for guidance, and then not acting on the information given. Targeted Focus Inc mentors are enthusiastic about mentees who show their appreciation through action.

• Ask Questions: It should go without saying, but this is the best way to let someone know how interested you are in learning what they know. An easily avoidable mistake some mentees make is to try and prove how much they already know, rather than seek the wisdom of others. This inevitably leads a mentor to wonder, “If they know so much, why are they looking for a mentor?”

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