Learn to Be Creative

Learn to Be Creative

Some people just seem naturally creative, but like many skills, creativity is a talent that can be developed. We’ve found that that the best way to strengthen creativity is to learn to focus even when things are hectic and, to reach this goal, we offer lots of advice to Targeted Focus Inc team members on how to calm their minds and focus on what’s in front of them. From this place of calm comes creative solutions.

The human brain is a fascinating tool that has the ability to do both conscious thinking as well as process information in the background while you’re thinking about something else. This is why insights often come in the middle of the night. It’s also why, when you’re struggling with a problem, you can walk away from it for a little bit and, when you come back, a solution will present itself. Instead of fighting this and pushing yourself toward a solution, embrace this tendency and learn to work with it.

Meditation is a useful practice that several of our brand ambassadors perform daily in the Targeted Focus Inc workplace. They use it to sharpen their awareness and acknowledge thoughts as they come, but they do not let these thoughts distract them. This exercise builds the muscles needed to focus and gives the brain some downtime to process. Regular meditation practice results both in increased focus and in increased creativity.

It’s not just artists who need to be creative. All professionals work on projects where clever and creative solutions are necessary. So take the time to find your calm and teach yourself to focus, especially if you have numerous projects happening at once. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter