Targeted Focus: Where Career Objectives
Are Met

We value the diversity of our Targeted Focus team. Each person brings special gifts to the table. We also share key qualities, like a need to be effective, innovative thinking, and a performance-oriented mind-set. We leverage these talents by offering multiple opportunities for our associates to attain new levels of career advancement.

It’s no surprise that so many individuals with a passion for learning feel right at home with us. Here’s what they find:

Better Professional Opportunities at Targeted Focus

Our Targeted Focus training program is immersive and supportive. Our associates receive learning resources and ongoing support to develop rewarding careers. We empower them through our culture-driven work environment. They receive immense professional opportunities from the days they join our team.

Networking is key to forging any career path. We invite our team members to take part in conferences, retreats, and other activities that put them in touch with influential business leaders. This builds their confidence while extending their knowledge and success.

A Cohesive Team

We’re all about teamwork at Targeted Focus. Here are the reasons we make it our priority to work together:

When one wins, we all win.
Diverse perspectives add value to results.
It’s far more productive to work together than to compete against each other.

Bottom line: We achieve excellence through collaboration. Our managers serve as coaches, providing each associate with wisdom, guidance, and support. We challenge each other to reach higher and go farther. It’s on-the-job growth done right.

Trips to Grow On

There are so many travel opportunities at Targeted Focus, we have to keep our go-bags packed. We attend national conferences, regional trainings, and tropical retreats. These unique perks are terrific ways to thank our dedicated team while we build our bonds in different settings.

Career Paths at Targeted Focus

Join other young professionals and be part of a team that’s taking the Columbus region by storm.

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