Basic Networking Tips

Basic Networking Tips

Networking is a wonderful way to find new opportunities, get advice and help on a project, or just surround yourself with people who are working as hard as you are to succeed. We try to teach the basics of networking to every Targeted Focus Inc team member. When we offer those workshops, here are a few of the tips we share:

• Have a Plan: Before you enter a networking event, have a plan on how you can proceed. This could be as simple as speaking with three people who are standing alone, or much more specific, such as speaking to one person who is also attending the event. Once you know what that goal is, think through how you want to achieve it. Your plan should include some phrases to say that will help you open a conversation or insert yourself into an ongoing one.

• Listen: When you’ve opened the conversation with someone you want to connect with, focus on what they’re saying and be an active listener. Targeted Focus Inc leaders share a list of leading questions with our team members that help keep people engaged in a conversation because we know that if our team starts from the mind-set of being curious about others, the results will be amazing.

Networking feels challenging when you haven’t done a lot, but it’s a proficiency that can be learned and mastered with practice. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter